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Global care

404, 2000

Opinion on medically assisted reproduction for HIV-discordant couples in which the male partner is HIV-positive

4 April 2000|

603, 2000

Confidential access by adolescent minors to care report followed by a statement and recommendations

6 March 2000|

  Upon a proposal by the Adolescence Committee. Committee chairperson Ms Véronique Nahoum-Grappe Members of the Committee: Ms Christiane BASSET Professor Aimé Charles-Nicolas Mr Jean-Marie Faucher Mr Paul Hantzberg Mr Alain Molla Mr Jacques Pasquet Lire la suite

1811, 1998

Report and recommendations regarding effective treatment during police questioning follow-up treatments in police detention, temporary custody and imprisonment

18 November 1998|

1002, 1998

Joint opinion issued in conjunction with the ccne regarding the ethical issues raised by couples wicshing to have a child, where the man is HIV-positive and the woman HIV-negative

10 February 1998|

2103, 1997

Opinion on the problem of HIV infection of patients during surgical procedures

21 March 1997|

302, 1997

Note equivalent to an opinion on the problem of entering data in the health record related to HIV infection

3 February 1997|