1611, 2006

Report followed by recommendations on developments in HIV infection screening programmes in France

16 November 2006|

At the suggestion of the «Screening» Committee Members of the Screening Committee:  Willy Rozenbaum  Françoise Brun-Vézinet  Pierre Mathiot  Christian Saout  François Bourdillon  Danièle Quantinet Report produced by:Marc Dixneuf, Anthony Poncier

2704, 2006

Memorandum of Opinion on the Impact on Public Health of Restrictions on Immigration

27 April 2006|

2704, 2006

Memorandum of Opinion on the Classification of Buprenorphine as a Narcotic

27 April 2006|

2604, 2006

Opinion on Criminalization for the Sexual Transmission of HIV

26 April 2006|

1711, 2005

Report on Public Policy for HIV Prevention in Mainland France followed by Recommendations for better enforcement of public policy on preventing HIV-transmission

17 November 2005|

1406, 2005

The Human Resources Crisis in Southern Countries, A Major Obstacle to the Fight Against HIV

14 June 2005|