6 07, 2004

Pregnant women with HIV in developing countries must have access to combination therapy

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Every year over 700 000 children throughout the world are infected by HIV; that is 2000 per day. Most of these children were infected by their mothers, during pregnancy, delivery Lire la suite

26 06, 2004

The Statement and Recommendations : Promoting access to antiretroviral therapy for pregnant women with HIV/AIDS in developing countries

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16 01, 2003

Access to treatment in poor countries jeopardized again : the National AIDS Council advocates the primacy of health rights

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With the failure of WTO discussions on access to treatment in poor countries, the National AIDS Council once again sustains the primacy of health rights over intellectual property rights. By Lire la suite

8 02, 2002

Doha Declaration ineffectual ? The National AIDS Council is concerned that the Bangui Agreements will jeopardize health care in Africa

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By acknowledging the primacy of public health requirements over trade rules in developing countries, the Doha Declaration of November 2001 raised the hopes of better access to affordable medicines for Lire la suite

1 12, 2001

The CNS calls for concrete measures regarding access to treatment in countries in the south

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Twenty years after the start of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, 40 million people are living with the virus. Antiretroviral treatments have changed the face of the epidemic in countries in the Lire la suite

17 04, 2001

As the case brought by 39 pharmaceutical companies against the government of South Africa is about to restart in Pretoria, the French National AIDS Council (NAC) requests that the companies concerned withdraw their complaint

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In a report adopted in November 2000, the NAC voiced its support for open access to treatments for HIV/AIDS (antiretrovirals and medication for opportunistic infections). The NAC considers that access Lire la suite

27 03, 2001

The right of foreign patients to remain on French soil : The National AIDS Council alerts the authorities

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Concerned to promote public health and to control the HIV epidemic, the National AIDS Council (NAC) wishes to draw the attention of the Minister of the Interior to the terms Lire la suite

7 11, 2000

Worldwide access to treatments related to HIV/AIDS

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In response to the recommendations of the International Committee. Committee leader : Paul Hantzberg Committee members :  Jean-Marie Faucher  Claudine Herzlich  Daniel Laurent  Véronique Nahoum-Grappe  Aimé Charles-Nicolas Committee rapporteurs : Lire la suite

30 11, 1999

Access to new antiretroviral drugs for individuals for whom treatment has failed or has become ineffective

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Following a meeting between the medical committee of the National AIDS Council and the representatives of associations belonging to the TRT5 collective (Actions Traitements, Act-up, Aides, Arcat-Sida, Sida Info Services, Lire la suite

10 12, 1998

Report and recommendations : For renewed solidarity towards access to antiretroviral treatments for individuals living with HIV in sub-saharian Africa

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