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On the opening day of the IAS 2017 Conference in Paris, the French National AIDS & Viral Hepatitis Council (Conseil national du sida et des hépatites virales, CNS) organizes a satellite symposium:

Sunday 23 July 2017, 5-7PM, Room 251

Implementation of Prevention and Therapy of STIs (including HIV and HBV infections) for Undocumented Migrants in Europe: New Challenges

Migrants remain one of the most prevalent HIV and HBV-infected populations in Europe. Mainly as a consequence of economic and political changes in Africa, Middle-East and Central-Asia, countries of origin and migration trajectories of undocumented migrants, including accommodation in host countries, have changed. This symposium aims to describe new medical needs and providers responses that have emerged in the fight against STIs under such conditions, as well as to draw perspectives in terms of public policies.

Chairs: Patrick Yeni & Gilles Raguin, CNS, France. The complete symposium programme is also available on the IAS website.


Description of new migration patterns in Europe
Catherine Wihtol De Wenden, CNRS, France

Epidemiology of STIs in undocumented migrants in Europe: What do we know?
Andrew Amato, ECDC, Sweden

Implementation of sexual and reproductive health care to undocumented migrants in European countries: The example of France
François Berdougo, Médecins du Monde, France

Implementation of sexual and reproductive health care to undocumented migrants in European hotspots and transit camps: The example of Greece
Nikos Marinos, MdM Greece, Greece

Taking into Account Hardship Consequences on the Risk of STIs into National and European Policies in the Context of Current Migration Patterns
Annabel Desgrées du Loû, IRD, France

The need for European and national policies and coordination
Alyna C. Smith, PICUM, Belgium