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16 01, 2003

Access to treatment in poor countries jeopardized again : the National AIDS Council advocates the primacy of health rights

16 January 2003|Tags: , , , , , |

With the failure of WTO discussions on access to treatment in poor countries, the National AIDS Council once again sustains the primacy of health rights over intellectual property rights. By Lire la suite

8 02, 2002

Doha Declaration ineffectual ? The National AIDS Council is concerned that the Bangui Agreements will jeopardize health care in Africa

8 February 2002|Tags: , , , , , |

By acknowledging the primacy of public health requirements over trade rules in developing countries, the Doha Declaration of November 2001 raised the hopes of better access to affordable medicines for Lire la suite

1 12, 2001

The CNS calls for concrete measures regarding access to treatment in countries in the south

1 December 2001|Tags: , , , , |

Twenty years after the start of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, 40 million people are living with the virus. Antiretroviral treatments have changed the face of the epidemic in countries in the Lire la suite