2404, 2013

Opinion on the over-the-counter HIV tests

24 April 2013|

This Opinion was unanimously adopted by all members of the French National AIDS Council, present at the plenary session held on 20th December 2012. Members of the « over-the-counter HIV tests» commission  Patrick Yeni, Président Lire la suite

1203, 2009

Opinion regarding consentment to screening following incidents of accidental exposure to blood involving adult protected patients

12 March 2009|

1611, 2006

Report followed by recommendations on developments in HIV infection screening programmes in France

16 November 2006|

At the suggestion of the «Screening» Committee Members of the Screening Committee:  Willy Rozenbaum  Françoise Brun-Vézinet  Pierre Mathiot  Christian Saout  François Bourdillon  Danièle Quantinet Report produced by:Marc Dixneuf, Anthony Poncier

912, 2004

Memorandum of Opinion on Commercialisation of HIV Self-Tests

9 December 2004|

1212, 2002

Guidelines on HIV/AIDS infection risks following sexual assault

12 December 2002|

1403, 2002

Statement and recommendations – HIV testing during pregnancy and the perinatal prevention of mother-to-child transmission

14 March 2002|

Drafted and submitted by the Ad hoc Committee on Screening and Testing Approved at the plenary session of March 14th 2002. Ad hoc Committee chaired by Ms Claudine HERZLICH Committee members :  Mr Jean-François BLOCH-LAINE, Lire la suite