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Global care

1009, 2009

Opinion and recommendations on integrating persons living with HIV into public policies on disability

10 September 2009|

Members of the employment and disability commission : Marc de Montalembert Catherine Kapusta-Palmer Danielle Quantinet Samir Hamamah Muriel Vray Willy Rozenbaum Rapporteurs : Michel Celse Laurent Geffroy

904, 2009

Opinion and recommendations regarding the potential for treatment as an innovative tool for fighting the HIV epidemic

9 April 2009|

Opinion adopted by the french National AIDS Council, in plenary session, 9 april 2009. Members of the " treatment and prevention commitee " :  François Bourdillon  Bruno Cadoré  Jean-Pierre Dozon  Philippe Gaudin  Nicole Hesnault-Pruniaux  Catherine Lire la suite

1211, 2002

Early access to new anti-HIV drugs for patients with multi-drug resistance

12 November 2002|

Drafted and submitted by the Standing Committee on Medical Aspects Standing Committee chaired by Mr Jean-Albert GASTAUT, MD Committee members :  Mr Jean-François BLOCH-LAINE, MD  Ms Françoise BRUN-VEZINET, MD  Ms Dominique COSTAGLIOLA  Ms Claudine HERZLICH Lire la suite

412, 2001

The ethical issues of medical attention for couples at identified viral risk and who desire a child

4 December 2001|

404, 2000

Opinion on medically assisted reproduction for HIV-discordant couples in which the male partner is HIV-positive

4 April 2000|

603, 2000

Confidential access by adolescent minors to care report followed by a statement and recommendations

6 March 2000|

  Upon a proposal by the Adolescence Committee. Committee chairperson Ms Véronique Nahoum-Grappe Members of the Committee: Ms Christiane BASSET Professor Aimé Charles-Nicolas Mr Jean-Marie Faucher Mr Paul Hantzberg Mr Alain Molla Mr Jacques Pasquet Lire la suite