//Illicit drug policies and risk reduction for infectious diseases
23 07, 2012

AIDS 2012 in Washington: French National AIDS Council presents French policy on illegal drug users

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Monday July 23d, the French National AIDS Council has presented "Tougher policy on French illegal drug users: what impact on risk reduction?" during the session "Drug Policy, Criminal Justice, and Lire la suite

23 07, 2012

AIDS 2012 in Washington: French National AIDS Council takes part in a press conference

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Michel Kazatchkine, Françoise Barré-Sinoussi and Laurent Geffroy Monday july 23d, the French National AIDS Council took part in a press conference organized by the Anrs at the international AIDS 2012 Lire la suite

20 07, 2012

French National AIDS Council presentations and issues at stake at the Washington international conference

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The XIX International AIDS Conference on 22-27 July in Washington is due to be attended by over 20,000 delegates and constitutes a major gathering for those working worldwide to combat Lire la suite

6 04, 2011

Memorandum equivalent to opinion: impact of illicit drug policies on risk reduction for infectious diseases

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This Memorandum equivalent to opinion was unanimously adopted by all the National AIDS Council members who were present on 20 January 2011.

22 09, 2010

The CNS is setting up a Working Party to discuss the French Health Policies on Drugs and Drug Addiction

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The French National AIDS Council has taken note of several expert papers recently published in France about risk reduction and HIV/AIDS and viral hepatitis B and C transmission among drug Lire la suite

3 05, 2006

The Classification of Buprenorphine as a Narcotic

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The Interministerial Task Force Against Drugs and Drug Addiction (MILDT) has requested that buprenorphine (Subutex®), currently listed as a venomous plant, be listed as a narcotic, in a process independent Lire la suite

6 04, 2004

Policies on drug use : the National AIDS Council once again advocates risk reduction as a priority

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The Public Health Bill is currently being debated and the National AIDS Council seizes the opportunity to stress once again how important it is to sustain policies designed to inform Lire la suite

6 09, 2001

The French National AIDS Council declares itself in favour of changes in policy on drug use

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The National AIDS Council (NAC) observes that recent years have featured major progress in the reduction of the risks generated by the use of drugs, especially where such use is Lire la suite

3 11, 1999

Expressing support for the voluntary organizations involved in the risk reduction policy

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On the eve of the hearing by the Paris High Court of the "public nuisance" action filed by the OLIVE 18 voluntary association against the "Boutique" (storefront drop-in facility) of Lire la suite

14 09, 1993

The formal submission to the authorities of the report on drug addiction and AIDS

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On September 20, 1993, the National AIDS Council submitted to the Prime Minister, the Minister for Social Affairs, the Minister of Interior, the Garde des Sceaux (Attorney General) and the Lire la suite