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705, 2019

Stepping up the fight against the HIV pandemic in the dynamic global health context – Position Paper #1

7 May 2019|

On 10 October 2019, France will be hosting the Sixth Replenishment Conference of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, in Lyon. In this regard, the French National AIDS & Viral Hepatitis Council Lire la suite

104, 2015

Opinion followed by recommendations on the criminalisation of the sexual transmission of HIV in France

1 April 2015|

This Opinion was adopted by the French National AIDS Council (Conseil national du sida), during a plenary session on 19 February 2015, by a unanimous vote of all members present save for one abstention. Members of Lire la suite

2404, 2013

Opinion on the over-the-counter HIV tests

24 April 2013|

This Opinion was unanimously adopted by all members of the French National AIDS Council, present at the plenary session held on 20th December 2012. Members of the « over-the-counter HIV tests» commission  Patrick Yeni, Président Lire la suite

1105, 2012

Opinion on the potential benefits of the concept of HIV/AIDS pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)

11 May 2012|

3110, 2011

Defeating the global AIDS epidemic through innovative financing

31 October 2011|

604, 2011

Memorandum equivalent to opinion: impact of illicit drug policies on risk reduction for infectious diseases

6 April 2011|

This Memorandum equivalent to opinion was unanimously adopted by all the National AIDS Council members who were present on 20 January 2011.