On 10 October 2019, France will be hosting the Sixth Replenishment Conference of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, in Lyon. In this regard, the French National AIDS & Viral Hepatitis Council (CNS) is addressing the challenges involved in the global fight against HIV/AIDS. Although progress has stalled, international mobilization in terms of global health is more clearly taking shape. The initiatives being taken to achieve the sustainable development goals represent opportunities for stepping up the fight against the HIV pandemic. An initial opinion of the CNS delivers a mixed assessment of the fight against HIV/AIDS and its funding, and suggests bolstering France’s positioning in this field and that of global health in general.

This Position paper was adopted by the French National AIDS & Viral Hepatitis Council (CNS), during a plenary session on 18 April 2019, by a unanimous vote of all members present.

Members of the “Global Fund” commission

- Gilles RAGUIN, chair
- Christiane COUDRIER
- Hugues FISCHER
- Alexandre LINDEN
- Georgia ROEHRICH
- Christine ROUZIOUX
- Liliane VANA
- Patrick YENI


- Laurent GEFFROY