1009, 2009

Opinion on syringe exchange programs in correctional facilities

10 September 2009|

904, 2009

Opinion and recommendations regarding the potential for treatment as an innovative tool for fighting the HIV epidemic

9 April 2009|

Opinion adopted by the french National AIDS Council, in plenary session, 9 april 2009. Members of the " treatment and prevention commitee " :  François Bourdillon  Bruno Cadoré  Jean-Pierre Dozon  Philippe Gaudin  Nicole Hesnault-Pruniaux  Catherine Lire la suite

1203, 2009

Opinion regarding consentment to screening following incidents of accidental exposure to blood involving adult protected patients

12 March 2009|

1203, 2009

Opinion and recommendations regarding funerary procedures for deceased persons infected with VIH

12 March 2009|

2404, 2008

Position paper on the application of advertising control regulations to healthcare prevention and education campaigns

24 April 2008|

2102, 2008

Statements followed by Recommendations on the Policy Employed to Fight the Epidemic of HIV Infection in French Guyana

21 February 2008|

Members of the French Departments of America Commission  François Bourdillon,  Jean-Pierrre Dozon,  Chantal Lebatard,  Pierre Mathiot,  Jean-Luc Romero,  Willy Rozenbaum, President. Report produced by: Michel Celse, Marc Dixneuf.