1105, 2012

Opinion on the potential benefits of the concept of HIV/AIDS pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)

11 May 2012|

3110, 2011

Defeating the global AIDS epidemic through innovative financing

31 October 2011|

604, 2011

Memorandum equivalent to opinion: impact of illicit drug policies on risk reduction for infectious diseases

6 April 2011|

This Memorandum equivalent to opinion was unanimously adopted by all the National AIDS Council members who were present on 20 January 2011.

1609, 2010

HIV and sex trade: towards a guarantee of universal access to prevention and care

16 September 2010|

1207, 2010

Joint Opinion by the national aids council and the national conference on health regarding the draft 2010-2014 national plan for HIV/AIDS-STI

12 July 2010|

Adopted by the French National Aids Council and the Office of the National Conference on Health on June 17, 2010.

1009, 2009

Opinion and recommendations on integrating persons living with HIV into public policies on disability

10 September 2009|

Members of the employment and disability commission : Marc de Montalembert Catherine Kapusta-Palmer Danielle Quantinet Samir Hamamah Muriel Vray Willy Rozenbaum Rapporteurs : Michel Celse Laurent Geffroy