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31 10, 2011

Defeating the global aids epidemic through innovative financing

31 October 2011|Tags: , , , , |

The French Presidency of the G20 has put the issue of innovative financing on the agenda for the summit which will start on 3 November in Cannes. For the past Lire la suite

30 11, 2010

HIV and the sex trade: an alarming situation

30 November 2010|Tags: , , , , , |

On the occasion of the 2010 World AIDS Day, the French National AIDS Council published an opinion entitled HIV and the sex trade. Ensuring universal access to prevention and care. Lire la suite

22 09, 2010

The CNS is setting up a Working Party to discuss the French Health Policies on Drugs and Drug Addiction

22 September 2010|Tags: , , , , |

The French National AIDS Council has taken note of several expert papers recently published in France about risk reduction and HIV/AIDS and viral hepatitis B and C transmission among drug Lire la suite

14 04, 2010

For Christiane Marty-Double

14 April 2010|Tags: |

The National AIDS Council regrets to announce the death of Christiane Marty-Double. A Professor of Medicine and Vice-President of the non-profit organisation AIDES for more than a decade, Christiane Marty-Double Lire la suite

21 10, 2009

Press release concerning recommendations by the french national authority for health on screening for HIV

21 October 2009|Tags: |

The National AIDS Council (CNS) welcomes the publication by the French National Authority for Health (NAH) of a set of proposals to redefine measures and policies regarding screening for HIV Lire la suite

30 01, 2008

Statement from the Bulletin des médecins suisses

30 January 2008|Tags: , , |

In a statement to doctors, published today in the Bulletin des médecins suisses (Swiss Medical Forum), the Swiss Federal Commission (CFS) on problems relating to AIDS believes it will be Lire la suite

27 07, 2007

The pharmaceutical firm Abbott must change its policy towards people affected by HIV/ aids

27 July 2007|Tags: , , , , |

Last December, in accordance with the World Trade Organisation (WTO) agreement on the aspects of the intellectual property rights related to trade and the Doha statement to the public health, Lire la suite

16 02, 2007

Case of the Bulgarian nurse

16 February 2007|Tags: , |

Le Conseil national du sida is moved as an authority by opinion and council near the public authorities Frenchwoman by the confirmation by the death sentence by looking after Bulgarian Lire la suite

16 02, 2007

For Arnaud Marty-Lavauzelle

16 February 2007|Tags: , |

Arnaud Marty-Lavauzelle, President of the AIDES association from 1991 to 1998 has passed away died to the AIDS virus during the night of Monday 12 to Tuesday the 13 February Lire la suite

16 02, 2007

Against the deportation of foreign national patients

16 February 2007|Tags: , , , , , |

In the past month, three foreign national patients were sent back to their countries of origin despite the fact that public health inspection doctors issued statements objecting to this procedure. Lire la suite