Press release

2211, 2005

Preventing HIV Transmission: the National AIDS Council asks for a consistent government policy Justice and Prevention

22 November 2005|

The advent of treatments and the significant drop in deaths due to AIDS has lessened the tragic dimension of the HIV infection epidemic. Some efforts to prevent transmission of the virus have been successful (drug Lire la suite

2110, 2005

Sentence Suspension for Medical Reason : the National AIDS Council expresses concern over questioning of the concept in the bill on handling repeat criminal offences

21 October 2005|

Two amendments to the bill currently under debate in Parliament on handling repeat criminal offences deal with sentence suspension for medical reason specific to the sentenced criminal. They pertain to the risk of repeat offences Lire la suite

407, 2005

The Human Resources Crisis in the Southern Countries, A Major Obstacle to Fighting HIV

4 July 2005|

On 14 June 2005, the CNS handed down an opinion about the human resources crisis in the Southern countries, based on a report by the international commission, entitled, «The Human Resources Crisis in the Southern Lire la suite

811, 2004

Criminal justice and prevention

8 November 2004|

Several legal proceedings, either finished or ongoing, raise the issue of responsibility in HIV transmission during sexual intercourse. When malicious intent or deception are substantiated, the Courts have full means to punish contamination. If such Lire la suite

607, 2004

Pregnant women with HIV in developing countries must have access to combination therapy

6 July 2004|

Every year over 700 000 children throughout the world are infected by HIV; that is 2000 per day. Most of these children were infected by their mothers, during pregnancy, delivery or breast feeding. And yet, Lire la suite

2204, 2004

Sidaction 2004 : the National AIDS Council regrets the broadcasting of controversial information

22 April 2004|

The National AIDS Council expresses its satisfaction that the main public and private TV channels are extensively involved in this year’s Sidaction. It is nevertheless surprised that France 2 will be broadcasting on Friday 23 Lire la suite