1 12, 1999

World AIDS Day : NAC meets the President of the Republic

1 December 1999|Tags: , , , , |

The National AIDS Council’s delegation, led by its Chairman, Professor Jean-Albert Gastaut, emphasized to President Chirac not only the importance of keeping the fight against AIDS as a programme apart, Lire la suite

30 11, 1999

Access to new antiretroviral drugs for individuals for whom treatment has failed or has become ineffective

30 November 1999|Tags: , , , , , |

Following a meeting between the medical committee of the National AIDS Council and the representatives of associations belonging to the TRT5 collective (Actions Traitements, Act-up, Aides, Arcat-Sida, Sida Info Services, Lire la suite

3 11, 1999

Expressing support for the voluntary organizations involved in the risk reduction policy

3 November 1999|Tags: , , , , , |

On the eve of the hearing by the Paris High Court of the "public nuisance" action filed by the OLIVE 18 voluntary association against the "Boutique" (storefront drop-in facility) of Lire la suite

5 10, 1999

The NAC opinion relating to “Insurance and HIV”

5 October 1999|Tags: , , , , |

Alerted by nongovernmental organizations and a number of public figures, the National AIDS Council once more addressed issues raised by insurance cover for individuals living with HIV, issuing an Opinion Lire la suite

15 07, 1999

The review of arrangements for the epidemiological surveillance of HIV infection

15 July 1999|

At a time of polemic surrounding the content of government decrees n° 99-362 and n° 99-363 of May 6, 1999 (published in the Journal officiel of May 13, 1999) concerning Lire la suite

21 05, 1999

Cns’s concern regarding selection criteria for refugees from Kosovo

21 May 1999|Tags: , , |

It appears that, according to information from various trustworthy sources, during the course of the transfer of refugees from Kosovo out of camps in Macedonia and Albania to receiving countries, Lire la suite