30 11, 2010

HIV and the sex trade: an alarming situation

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On the occasion of the 2010 World AIDS Day, the French National AIDS Council published an opinion entitled HIV and the sex trade. Ensuring universal access to prevention and care. Lire la suite

22 09, 2010

The CNS is setting up a Working Party to discuss the French Health Policies on Drugs and Drug Addiction

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The French National AIDS Council has taken note of several expert papers recently published in France about risk reduction and HIV/AIDS and viral hepatitis B and C transmission among drug Lire la suite

16 09, 2010

HIV and sex trade: towards a guarantee of universal access to prevention and care

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12 07, 2010

Joint Opinion by the national aids council and the national conference on health regarding the draft 2010-2014 national plan for HIV/AIDS-STI

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Adopted by the French National Aids Council and the Office of the National Conference on Health on June 17, 2010.

14 04, 2010

For Christiane Marty-Double

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The National AIDS Council regrets to announce the death of Christiane Marty-Double. A Professor of Medicine and Vice-President of the non-profit organisation AIDES for more than a decade, Christiane Marty-Double Lire la suite