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22 09, 2010

The CNS is setting up a Working Party to discuss the French Health Policies on Drugs and Drug Addiction

22 September 2010|Tags: , , , , |

The French National AIDS Council has taken note of several expert papers recently published in France about risk reduction and HIV/AIDS and viral hepatitis B and C transmission among drug Lire la suite

16 09, 2010

HIV and sex trade: towards a guarantee of universal access to prevention and care

16 September 2010|Tags: , |

12 07, 2010

Joint Opinion by the national aids council and the national conference on health regarding the draft 2010-2014 national plan for HIV/AIDS-STI

12 July 2010|Tags: , , , , , |

Adopted by the French National Aids Council and the Office of the National Conference on Health on June 17, 2010.

14 04, 2010

For Christiane Marty-Double

14 April 2010|Tags: |

The National AIDS Council regrets to announce the death of Christiane Marty-Double. A Professor of Medicine and Vice-President of the non-profit organisation AIDES for more than a decade, Christiane Marty-Double Lire la suite

21 10, 2009

Press release concerning recommendations by the french national authority for health on screening for HIV

21 October 2009|Tags: |

The National AIDS Council (CNS) welcomes the publication by the French National Authority for Health (NAH) of a set of proposals to redefine measures and policies regarding screening for HIV Lire la suite

10 09, 2009

Opinion and recommendations on integrating persons living with HIV into public policies on disability

10 September 2009|Tags: , , , , |

Members of the employment and disability commission : Marc de Montalembert Catherine Kapusta-Palmer Danielle Quantinet Samir Hamamah Muriel Vray Willy Rozenbaum Rapporteurs : Michel Celse Laurent Geffroy

10 09, 2009

Opinion on syringe exchange programs in correctional facilities

10 September 2009|Tags: , , |

9 04, 2009

Opinion and recommendations regarding the potential for treatment as an innovative tool for fighting the HIV epidemic

9 April 2009|Tags: , , , , |

Opinion adopted by the french National AIDS Council, in plenary session, 9 april 2009. Members of the " treatment and prevention commitee " :  François Bourdillon  Bruno Cadoré  Jean-Pierre Dozon Lire la suite

12 03, 2009

Opinion regarding consentment to screening following incidents of accidental exposure to blood involving adult protected patients

12 March 2009|Tags: , |

12 03, 2009

Opinion and recommendations regarding funerary procedures for deceased persons infected with VIH

12 March 2009|Tags: , |