The National AIDS Council, having learned that a bill to make human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) screening compulsory in connection with prenatal and prenuptial medical examinations has been tabled and is to be debated at the Assemblée Nationale on December 9 as part of the statute on sundry health measures (D.M.O.S.) :

  1. stresses that this issue has been referred to it by the Minister of Health and that, following its plenary session of December 18 next, it will be issuing an opinion on the merits of the proposal ;
  2. wishes immediately, to avoid any misunderstanding, to restate its complete opposition to any hasty measure (legislative provision, government decree, amendments to existing decrees) with the effect of imposing screening as part of prenuptial and prenatal medical examinations.

Note : The Assemblée Nationale rejected the amendment in the debate held on December 9, 10 and 11. Mr. Bianco, Minister of Social Affairs and Social Integration, announced that screening for the AIDS virus would be “systematically offered” in the course of the prenuptial examination and to pregnant women, as well as to young people at the time of the induction medical for national military service. The Minister asked members of parliament to await the opinion of the competent authorities before giving their view on the appropriateness of making the test obligatory in certain circumstances.