The problem of obligatory screening for entire populations is an issue which has already been debated. The European Community, the WHO and all scientific and public health bodies have expressed opposition to this type of measure, especially since we are perfectly aware of the precise scope of the disease in France. Moreover, it has been demonstrated quite thoroughly that no result in terms of effective control of the epidemic would be achieved by such a measure, which would even be counter-productive by instilling a feeling of false security, running counter to the desired outcome.

Programmes encouraging voluntary screening and the proposal of widespread prescription of screening during medical consultations constitute at the present time the only coherent and responsible measures to curb the spread of the HIV epidemic.

Text signed by :
- Madame Françoise Héritier-Augé, présidente du Conseil national du sida,
- Professeur Alain Sobel, vice-président du Conseil national du sida,
- Professeur Jean-Paul Lévy, président de l’Agence nationale de recherche sur le sida,
- Professeur Willy Rozenbaum.

Note : The above press release was issued in response to statements by Georgina Dufoix, Minister of Social Affairs in the administration headed by Laurent Fabius, in favour of “systematic screening for the whole French population” (Le Monde, November 6, 1992)