The Conseil National du Sida — the French national AIDS council (NAC) — wishes to draw the attention of the President of the Republic and the Government to the obstacles encountered at national borders by individuals living with HIV/AIDS.

This is because certain countries make the issuance of visas and residence permits dependent on the presentation by applicants of certificates of HIV “non-infection” or even negative serological test results.

The countries that have put this type of health control in place are numerous, and are on every continent of the world : some even within the European Union.

Even today therefore millions of individuals are deprived of freedom of movement despite the fact that travel may be indispensable to their family or professional life.

The NAC underlines with insistence the following facts :
- This type of measure has not proved effective in controlling the HIV/AIDS epidemic.
- Such measures run counter to the principles of non-discrimination against sufferers affirmed in both the United Nations and the WHO, and even in some cases by the countries involved.
- At a time when the international community and the French public authorities are undertaking initiatives for the promotion of access to healthcare in the countries of the South, the NAC urges them to confirm their opposition to all forms of discrimination prejudicial to the fundamental human rights of individuals living with HIV/AIDS.

It will be particularly attentive to any practical initiative directed toward that goal.